Resource Environmental Management Consultants
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RMC is a woman owned company with an experienced team dedicated to providing environmental consulting and natural resource management. RMC specializes in working with private and governmental entities to develop cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of resource and environmental based solutions. RMC offers the diverse expertise of Hydrologists, Geologists, Geochemists, Biologists, Engineers, Field Technicians and Computer Aided Design Specialists. Our staff’s extensive private and governmental background enables us to solve problems and develop solutions based on the needs and viewpoints of the both the client and appropriate regulatory agencies. RMC is dedicated to developing long-term client relationships. RMC has developed long-term relationships with clients that began when we started our business over ten years ago.

Safety comes first at RMC, our safety record is unblemished since the inception of the company in 1997. We are proud of this accomplishment and consider the safety of our staff and our projects as an asset for our clients.

Our industry, regulatory and consulting background enables us to know all aspects of the business, solve complicated problems and build credibility with regulatory agencies for clients faced with increasingly stringent and complex environmental regulations.

RMC owns a Field Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) meter giving us the capability to measure metal concentrations such as lead and arsenic in real time. We have conducted metals sampling in soil, water, paint and sediment using the XRF since 2004. Our staff have collected over 4,000 XRF samples.